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Service Provided

 Crash free

 No physical hard disk drive in PC

 Virus free computing

 No anti-virus software required

 Registry corruption free

 Registry is never altered

 No Spyware or Malware possible

 Windows image is never altered

 Maintenance free computing

 No updates, patches or tweaking required

 Simple application installation  

 Installations are performed centrally on the Server

 Low Software Licensing costs  

 DOE authentic licensing is cheaper than OEM

 Improved speed of Operating System

 Image speed is always fast & effecient

 Data protection against PC theft

 Image is stored centrally on the Server


 Clients can boot using another Server in the case of Server failure

 Server Load Balancing

 Clients can intelligently choose the least busiest Server for faster effeciency

Reduction in TCO (Total Cost of Operation)

DOE desktop virtualisation means that you don't have to have cutting edge PC hardware, because all of the applications from the desktop are processed centrally on a remote server, which means that the computers that the users are using to connect to the server can be utilised for a lot longer than they could if you are upgrading operating systems & hardware every couple of years.

Hardware costs can be reduced further by using thin clients to connect to the virtual desktop, which are typically a lot less expensive than a traditional PC.
  • DOE desktops have no software so they do not require software updates.
  • Physical visits to the desktop end point by IT personnel are eliminated.
  • Installations and upgrades are performed centrally on the Server.
  • Server virtualization efficiently shares software across the entire user population.
  • Malware on the client is not possible because DOE desktops has no software.
  • DOE boosts end user productivity by reducing downtime and providing fast automated recovery from application errors.