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What Do you think of DOE ?


  • DOE is based on the concept of NETWORK COMPUTING and was developed in 2006.  DOE was created to address the growing costs and complexity of the PC-based desktop computing paradigm. We've leveraged our expertise and experience to take a fresh look at how desktop consolidation and virtualization can provide the Windows experience users need while rescuing IT from the escalating overhead of managing distributed PC desktops. 
  • We don't compromise where it counts – for elements where compromise would cause the most problems for our customers, like the client device, we've engineered the perfect solution from the chip up - rather than throwing together a compromised approach based on obsolete architectures. 
  • Our solution is complete, rather than force customers to do the systems integration needed to get things running we provide an integrated solution with both client hardware and data centre software - unlike the thin-client and software-only vendors who only provide a partial solution,
  • The DOE Software is effective as a networked computer and shares activities including software and hardware resources with potential cost savings. DOE Software is now a mature technology to meet the higher market demands for system protection against Viruses, Hackers and Data loss.
  • DOE Software requires no anti-virus software and firewalls. DOE Software system cannot be crashed. Our system works on a disk on Ethernet technology using DOE Software system which cannot be infected by any virus or hackers. DOE Software uses no hard disk and the OS is streamed by the server on LAN to the PC clients.


The DOE System will prove to be highly beneficial in all areas including:

  • Business
  • Banks
  • Government Enterprises
  • Education, Library, Schools
  • Computer Centres, Internet Cafés
  • Hotels, Restaurants, Coffee Shops
  • Call Centre's